Entry #1


2009-01-26 23:32:57 by Effloresce

Obviously i haven't released any new songs recently.
My excuse? Heck i could have a ton, but my reason is im just too busy with life at the moment.
A few weeks ago i was gettin hit hard by the books for finals to get out of high school (pain in my rear)
but now im out, ive got tons of time on my hands.
I am workin on some tracks, but ive hit an artists block.
I wanna say these songs are finished, but i cant quite put my finger on what can make them like 30x better. But now im jugglin college, a girl, tryna find a job, and just whatever life is throwin at me on a daily basis.
But yall just wait and ima release three new tracks.
In the meantime, just check what ive got so far and show some love.



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